Building a Luxury Yacht

Building a Luxury Yacht & Gulet in Turkey:
Turkey is now the leading developing country when it comes to motoryacht construction as well as luxury sailing yachts and traditional gulets. With a long tradition of fishing, cargo and transport caique building behind it, it has recently converted to the gilded world of the pleasure boat, producing a range of products inspired by the best that Europe has to offer. Thanks to their highly skilled wooden boat builders and, most importantly, costs a good deal lover than the EU average, the Turkish yards now offering high class craft at a very tempting 20-25 % less than elsewhere.

Project Management by GALA :
Gala Yacht Management offers Professional Project Management Services for new yacht design and construction projects with a comprehensive knowledge of shipyards, engineerig, designers and contractors in Turkey.

When managing a new construction projects our goals are:

  • To complete all the building stages and delivery of your yacht by specific time
  • To make sure your yacht is delivered to you within the budget and according to specification

Our process and services:

  • Discussions with the owner for preparing the preliminary design and specifications
  • Providing a shipyard research and assisting to select the most suitable designers and shipyard
  • Handle and negotiate the contracts on behalf of the owner
  • Supervising the construction phases and monitoring the subcontractors
  • Regular visits to shipyard, supervising the quality and schedule to prevent delays in delivery
  • Provide acces to our online Project Management Tool to monitor the building history and view our regular reports and updated photos of every stage.
  • Assisting to purchase the items to be supplied by the owner, negotiate prices with suppliers to get best deals.
  • Assistance with interior design, selecting , purchasing and supplying the materials
  • Assistance on certification and ownership procedures, handling the exportation procedures and pre-delivery certificates on time.
  • Dealing with classification society and handling the classification procedures.
  • Supervising the Sea Trials, commissioning of the machinery and equipments, delivery of the yacht.
  • Assistance with selecting and employing the best available Turkish crew using our Database and crew management service.
  • Assistance with insurance.
  • Warranty support after delivery, identifying and managing the defects and warranty issues in coordination with shipyard.
  • Supporting the initial operational period with our operational management services.

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